Belly Girl Escape Game

Belly Girl Escape

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Somebody needs help here in the wilderness again and it's not animals or tourists, but a person who lives in the area and it was that chubby girl! Nelson knows that woman for he knows well not to go near her area for at times she is very territorial, maybe there is something wrong with her up there so he best stay away. But that day however, Nelson heard of a call coming from the direction of this woman's house and at first he was hesitant to get near, but the call was desperate so he just prepared himself for anything.

As Nelson enters the area slowly, he immediately saw the chubby girl and he knew then what was up for she actually got trapped in the big cage which she possesses! Nelson is not at all mystified what was the big cage for and why she has it, for the woman was a bit of a ruffian even though she doesn't look like it and she was also pretty good at hunting, well clearly bad at escaping as Nelson looks at it. Escape players, Nelson here is still going to rescue the woman as good gesture and he was already there so he is going to help her out. Care to join in with Nelson here and see if you can pry open that cage?

Belly Girl Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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