Bee Island Escape Game

Bee Island Escape

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There is a movie that you really love. It is about the bees and how they work hard together. You want to see these bees so you went to the Bee Island. You thought that meeting them would be smooth. What you have in mind is just like in the movies but it's not. It didn't come to your mind that they sting. In fact, they sting so hard. One bee did this to you and you don't want it to happen again. Because of that, you have to find a way to escape from the Bee Island quickly. The problem is, there are so many paths in this place that you can take. You don't know which way to go. The good news is, there are clues that can help you out. You might encounter puzzles on your way and you have to use your logic for those.

Thankfully, there are items in this island that you can use to solve those puzzles quickly. They really sting like a bee and you must float like a butterfly. It would be hurtful to stay in here so you have to escape fast. Bee Island Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by 8b Games. Good luck!

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