Beautiful Village Game

Beautiful Village

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Come and escape with us here in a place diverse with culture. Beautiful Village is a brand new point and click outdoor escape game released by 5n Games for more escapes with us to try!

The beautiful village is slowly being influenced by modern cultures but even then the elders maintain what they had learned through generations of passed knowledge while not entirely shoving-away modernity. One day, Aisha went to that village to see how everyone was doing, after all her heritage came from there and nothing is better than looking back to where one came from. Aisha expected to see the aboriginal children there playing and having fun while the elders are busy governing the place and such, but as she arrived at the place she was greeted by something else.

At first she thought the villagers have just made a surprise prank for her, but as she took a look inside some of the houses however, she began to realize that the village was now somehow abandoned! What happened here? Aisha was thinking hard of anything concerning that day like rituals and yearly traditions, but nothing came to mind. Something else might have happened here and Aisha is definitely going to find-out what. Escape players, try this clue searching and even an escape with Aisha, keep your eyes open here as you venture into the beautiful but empty village.

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