Beautiful Queen Escape

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The queen of Egypt was invited to the grand castle for there is going to be a grand celebration in the country and all of the other nations’ leaders are invited to the house of the king. Each leader and royalty is granted a helper from the kingdom, and as assigned to the queen of Egypt, there was Hans and he has some knowledge of the native language of Egypt. And so he toured the queen in the grand premises and  everything was fine, the queen was easy going but he shouldn’t be fooled, for this queen is known to be very ruthless despite her kind and welcoming aura. As Hans was assisting the queen though, that ruthlessness might be tested for something happened to her and it was the kind that is intimidating!

The queen of Egypt got trapped in a room and she kept calling for her guards then whom was with Hans! He has no idea what had happened but to ensure that this innocent tour around the premises won’t be the cause of a serious conflict, he must help in getting her out of that room on the double! Escape players, you will be playing as Hans here, will you be able to free the queen of Egypt from a room where she is trapped and carefully?

Beautiful Queen Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Big Escape Games.