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Beautiful Place

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Beautiful Place is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games. Enjoy more escapes here in such a wide and lush outdoors!

Away from the modernity of the city, there is this absolutely remote area and everything living there thrives especially the wild animals as well as the vegetation. As a very enthusiastic adventurer, Ben went into that same wilderness alone for a daring adventure and to also see how far he can really go before dark. Along the way on Ben's adventure, he spots different species of animals and there were even bears in the distance. Ben only took pictures and not disturb anything there which are part of nature, but what happened next however forces him to touch everything just to solve his problem.

Ben made a very risky move by taking a different path which actually brought him deeper into the wilderness, and as a result he got unfortunately lost which is now the problem! Ben then tried his very best to get back after realizing that he is in the getting lost issue, but well the wilderness here seems to be very tough indeed and he knows escaping won't be that easy, will he still be able to escape though before darkness falls? Escape players, place yourself on the situation of Ben here then and don't forget to have fun on the outdoors escape adventure!

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