Beautician Escape Game

Beautician Escape

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Beautician Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue game created by 8b Games! Best of luck on your attempt here to rescue someone who is in-need.

Aesha was heading to the suburbs for her beautician friend needs help one day, she needed to get to the convention and show her talents there but unfortunately, her car isn't really going to play her game and she knows it'll only get worst if she pushes her vehicle to the brink. Little did Aesha know though that there is more than just picking her friend up in her place, for when she arrived in the house, something was up in there and it's trapping her friend in her very own place!

Aesha expected that her friend will just run-out from her house and then off they go, but it ended-up in her actually getting in her house and there she found-out that she is actually trapped somewhere in the rooms in the place! Aesha just wonders what had happened, but well she came for her friend now she'll just have to rescue her before she gets hurt in there or something. Good luck everyone, place yourself on the shoes of Aesha here then and may you all be able to make the rescue. Have fun!


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