Bear Land Escape Game

Bear Land Escape

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You were sent for the most challenging assignment to Bear Land. The superiors might have heard your complains about boring subjects that they sent you out to the wild. You were once assigned in the office. You did wonderful with the tasks assigned to you that you moved up easily. But with the higher position came more paper works. You didn't slack off but it seemed like you lacked enthusiasm. So you tried talking to your superiors about it. However, they just explained how important you were to your position and to the company. You totally understood them. But you felt the need to be happy to be able to do more. If they couldn't let you take up other positions, then they could just give you additional work. And they took the latter option. You maintained your position with additional research field work.

Your research about bears was fun at first. It was like playing hide and seek with them. But they were slowly starting to get closer to you at a dangerous distance. Fortunately you were through with your data gathering. And you just had to focus on finding your way out of there. Play Bear Land Escape outdoor escape by Big Escape Games.

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