Bear Forest Escape (8b Games) Game

Bear Forest Escape (8b Games)

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Try this forest escape adventure here everyone, Bear Forest Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from 8b Games for more daily escape fun with us. Enjoy!

Adrian went to the forest which was a national sanctuary for bears and as a general rule, nobody is to disturb the beasts especially the mother bears, for they can really be dangerous and protective of their young. But well Adrian was hard-headed and used his ATV to navigate the path, that is definitely a bad idea and it definitely was! For the noise and ruckus agitated the bears into unfortunately chasing him. Adrian got very scared that he was being chased by a muscular and huge bear, that caused him to step on it which unfortunately got him lost in the forest.

The bear fortunately stopped in its tracks and so did Adrian, but he is now lost in the forest with no contact, no navigation, and hundreds upon hundreds of bears roaming the area. Adrian was confident that he'll never get himself out of the path since he started his adventure, but because this had happened, he should have brought something which can help him especially in a situation like this. Escape players, care to try the escape adventure here with Adrian and see if you can escape the forest filled with wild bears? Good luck then and have fun with us daily.

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