Bear Escape (Games 2 Mad)

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The mountains was once filled with these species of bear which looked a lot like moon bears, it had been a big topic once about their true species and it still is, but what’s more concerning these days though was the steep decline of these bears there, for now there are only a few left in the area. As a person who is living near the said wilderness, Jeremy noticed the decline and it concerns him, for those bears are quite gentle and are nice to watch as they do their daily routines in the wilderness. But now they are starting to disappear and that’s why he had brought it to himself to maybe give an impact to their species so that they would bounce-back.

Jeremy have no clue why these bears are starting to decline in numbers, it is most likely that humans are involved on this, but until he finds the true answer he will help the bears however he can. And that day it seems that he will with this one specimen and it’s going to be directly of course. Escape players, Jeremy had found one bear here in an enclosed area and he immediately thought of freeing this animal. It was definitely a miracle that he even managed to see one that day, now he is going to help it so it can return to whichever cave in the land it belongs to. But that will not be easy though, and that’s why you’ll help Jeremy with that. Come and help this bear here with Jeremy and carefully so you won’t hurt or startle this awesome forest animal.

Bear Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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