Beach Mansion Escape

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Check-out another escape adventure here from a beach paradise. Beach Mansion Escape is the newest point and click beach escape game from Selfdefiant. Have fun with us daily!

Kylie was on vacation that day and she definitely chose a place that she needs, for it had been a while since she last visited in such a place. Kylie was on the white-sand beach and she was relaxing as she watches the distant blue of the vast sea. Eventually, Kylie’s eyes got tired and she dozed-off for a bit, but when she opened her eyes after a few minutes of dozing-off however, she saw that she is not in her expected place anymore and was in this very different location!

Kylie is now in a luxurious beach mansion and that got her standing-up suddenly! What in the world happened? She really felt she hadn’t moved from the place and now she is in this villa or something. Kylie is absolutely confused on this mysterious thing now, but because she had no idea what had happened, she must figure-out where she is now so she can find the way and get back to where she is suppose to be. Escape players, Kylie had no idea where she is and neither do you, she isn’t really locked in something but will you all still be able to escape the mansion grounds here? Place yourself on Kylie’s situation then and good luck on the escape.

Walkthrough video for Beach Mansion Escape


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