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Beach Huts

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Come and try the beach escape adventure here, see what you can find that's interesting. Beach Huts is the newest point and click coastal escape game from 5n Games for more dose of fun with us everyday!

The beach area here is quite backward, for everything there was made mostly of wood, from the boats that they have on the shores to the random houses standing near the coast. There are a plethora of objects around the place and some are just scattered across the sandy area, that is giving Antonio the interest to gather what he can find and maybe he'll make something quite worthwhile with those things. But it's not without an adventure through the coastal area though, and it might even end-up the entire area!

Antonio began that small mission of his early that morning, the sun is just starting to go up and it's a good time for if the sun gets high enough, then it would really hurt. Escape players, care to join Antonio here in his attempt to look for random stuff around the beach as quickly as possible before the sun begins its burning rays? Be careful then or you might get in-trouble by touching anyone's property.

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