Beach Huts Escape Game

Beach Huts Escape

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From the time when the resort near where Willie lives had been established, tourists have come non-stop but that day because things have slowed due to the crisis, there are very few to no people in the place and Willie only has to check his neighbors from a distance to see if they are okay and what he can help. That day as he roams around the houses of his neighbors, it was another typical day and everybody seems to be okay, but as he was about to go home he heard a call for help and because it sounded desperate, he quickly tried to find the source of it until, he finally did.

One of his neighbors were trapped in their own home and Willie thought why didn't somebody yell for help when he passed-by that house? Maybe the problem just occurred when the owner checked her doors, okay of course Willie will help her for nobody could at the moment at least that instant, for local authorities have been focused on checkpoints and that can slow their response. Escape players, will you help as well by joining Willie on this situation?

Beach Huts Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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