Beach Bum Escape Game

Beach Bum Escape

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Gary knows he lives in a small beach area but when he woke-up and found himself in an area where a beach house was, he panicked for he wasn't familiar with the place at all! Gary is in an area which looks far more remote than his house was located, the house where he was is the only thing modern and then he thought to himself, was he brought here? If so then by whom for he is really not the sleepwalker type. This could be dangerous for there is a chance that he might have been kidnapped and taken-away from his sleep, now he is in the place which he doesn't even know where.

Gary needs to get himself out of where he was right-now but first he'll have to find-out where he is exactly so that he'll know which direction to go in-order to get back home, Gary's worst fear is that he may be in a different island far away from his. Escape players, will you help Gary here escape before his problem escalates for the worst? Place yourself on Gary's shoes then and try your best to use everything you'll find to aid on the escape.

Beach Bum Escape is the newest point and click outdoor escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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