Bathroom Escape (Genie Fun Games) Game

Bathroom Escape (Genie Fun Games)

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A nice bath can take of all the troubles away. You don't know why but you tend to feel relaxed whenever you take a bath. So now that you have so many things in your mind, you decided to take a break and have a bath. The warm water soothes your skin. In addition to that, the bubbles on the bath tub really ease your mind. However, good things must come to an end. The warm bath is becoming cold. That is the indication that you have to get out of bath. So, you put your bathrobe on and got ready to go the bathroom. However, there is a problem that you first have to solve before you can leave the bathroom. The door in the room won't open. Unfortunately, you don't have a spare key with you.

The good news is, there are items in the room that you can use to unlock the door. Not only that, there are also clues around the room that you can see. Those clues can definitely help you to escape so you have to look for those. Bathroom Escape (Genie Fun Games) is a new room escape game by Genie Fun Games. Good luck!

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