Bat Boy’s Xmas Wish

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As a magician who specializes in animal magic, Sterling is friends with all of the animals in the forest where he lives, especially the friendly ones who really go and meet with him everyday. That day, it was Christmas and Sterling celebrates that, so for the occasion he will grant a few of his friends wishes.

This bat boy whom he calls, is one of the residents of the forest and also his close friend, of course Sterling will be granting his wish, but what he wants though was so different that Sterling had to go and find what he wants for he can’t use his magic for it! His bat friend’s wish was an awesome sunglasses! That’s very different for an animal, but a wish is a wish so Sterling needs to find one for he cannot conjure modern items for he is a magician of nature. Escape players, will you help Sterling here get what his friend bat wished for?

Bat Boy’s Xmas Wish is another new point-and-click item retrieval game made by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Bat Boy’s Xmas Wish

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