Basement Hardwood Flooring Escape Game

Basement Hardwood Flooring Escape
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Damon's entire family went on a vacation that day but because he has very important work that needs finishing, he promised to catch-up when he is finally free. Damon saw his living-room quiet and it's very different from before because he has a lot of kids and they can be very noisy when they have fun. Damon is finally free a day later when his family left, now he can finally catch-up to them, but that's if he can escape from his house first though, for when he tried the door so he can finally leave, it wouldn't open!

Damon was confused why his door wouldn't open, but that immediately turned into concern for he just discovered that all of the doors in his house would not open! Damon is downright on-edge now for he suspects something serious is afoot here and it might compromise his safety. Escape players, Damon planned to escape his house through his basement quietly, but first he needs to find his spare keys though so he can open some of the doors and proceed to escape, all while risking his life here if someone who has ill intent is involved. Come and test your skills in escape everyone with Damon and be ready for anything.

Basement Hardwood Flooring Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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