Baron Castle

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The castle in the remote area of the country once belonged to the place’s most powerful baron, but those were the medieval times and people are constantly changing, that’s why what’s left there is some marvelous architecture in the form of this castle. As it looks, the place is definitely one for luxurious living back in the days, up until now too if you have something like this, then you are filthy stinking rich! But this palace however is not anymore for living, it is a relic and reminder of royal power back in the old times and that day, Carlo will be checking the place for the third time for as a historian, this is really a dream come true for him.

Carlo will be checking another place there again that day actually, for the castle is so big he can’t possibly cover it all in one day, he is just excited to get data of the castle that day, well little did he know he’ll come face to face with a different situation there and it’s not really that good. Escape players, want to play as Carlo here and see whatever the problem is there? If you may, you can help him solve this said problem too with your skills.

Baron Castle is the newest point and click ancient complex escape game created by Hidden247.

Walkthrough video for Baron Castle


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