Barber Escape

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Fred needs to return the favor to his friend here and when he needed help that day, he definitely went on his way to help him. Fred’s friend works as a barber at a shop in the city and his car broke-down that day. He called for Fred whom he of course asked help from for he was the nearest to where he lives. Fred’s friend asked and of course he said yes for this was a small favor for him. Fred drove to his friend barber’s house and he went inside, little did he know he will find his friend there in trouble and he will be his friend’s only help there!

Fred called for his friend inside and he heard him, but he needed to find him for his voice was muffled. It was then that he found his friend and actually he was trapped behind a room there! Fred’s friend was thankful he came, for he had been trying to budge his door for a while now but it just wouldn’t open. He doesn’t know what’s happening and neither does Fred, but now that he is here he could make all the difference in solving this problem here. Escape players, imagine you are Fred here now, will you be able to free his friend so he can still make it before he gets late for work?

Barber Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Barber Escape


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