Banned Room Escape Game

Banned Room Escape

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There is a house in the neighborhood which had a warning for everyone not to enter absolutely! Well unless if that certain someone wants to disappear forever then it's his or her risk. In that house, there is also another forbidden room to enter for it is said that the source of the weirdness of the entire place comes from there, its doors should never be opened and people who have done that before who miraculously escaped have already testified to that. Still there are more people born everyday, so those people would not believe the warnings until they experience it themselves, and that day the one who will be in that situation is Jasper.

Jasper not only entered the house which was already forbidden to enter, he also entered the same room which must not be entered into at all costs! But he still did and as an unfortunate result, the door slammed behind him and now he is locked inside! Jasper knew this was a bad idea, but he knew also that he won't be able to sleep the nights prior until he uncovers what the place really has. Now it seems that he won't be waking-up if something bad happens to him here. Escape players, the room looks old, dilapidated, and scary, but for now there are only poltergeist activity which means there is still room to escape. Come and join Jasper here everyone, do your best to try and escape from the room as well as the house.

Banned Room Escape is another new point and click scary indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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