Banned Hospital Escape Game

Banned Hospital Escape
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Work and studies were taking up most of the space in your mind as you sat in the banned hospital. You knew you had to face them or they'd stay there and keep on bothering you. However, you wanted to have a break from them. You wanted to visit a place to refresh your mind before tackling them once more. You looked for a peaceful place where you could just sit in silence and think about stuffs. Then again, it was a holiday and most public places were full of people enjoying their free time. You knew causing a scene to scare them away would make you look bad. So instead, you looked for a place where you could truly be alone. You thought hard about the place you would choose. Then you realized that people were mostly afraid of abandoned places.

You headed straight to the banned hospital. No one should be here as the hospital was in danger of collapsing. But you badly needed a place for you to clear your mind. You entered the place to look for a spot where you could do your thinking. Yet as you were roaming around, you slowly lost your way. Play Banned Hospital Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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