Bank ATM Cash Robbery Game

Bank ATM Cash Robbery

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You're trying to be a part of an elite robbery gang. You've been attending their training for the past six months. You really impress them by how much knowledge you have on hacking technology. So now, you'll be facing one of their tests. One of the hardest mission for them to accomplish is robbing an ATM in a bank. There are many security cameras that need disabling. And it will take such a skilled person to do it fast. They want to see how fast you can do things. And you're definitely up for their challenge. However, they'll test you with simulation first. If you complete this mission without getting caught, then you're good to do bigger jobs. The gang looks at you expectantly as you stealthily approach the ATM. With every step you take, they can't help but hold their breaths.

However, what they don't know is that you're working undercover for the authorities. You've been sending information for the past six months. Then again, your mindset is slowly becoming like the gang's. You have to successfully finish this mission so you can have field quests. Only through this will you be able to refresh your perspectives to stay with the law. Play Bank ATM Cash Robbery room escape game by Knf Games.


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