Banana Farm Escape Game

Banana Farm Escape

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As a kid, Lorenz was quite the adventurer for he explores the immediate area and as he is, he might have already ventured everywhere in the place. Well everywhere except the banana farm which was open to tourists to visit. The place is quite the unique one for each visitor will be given a tractor there, but not the ones that are big and real, instead they get a miniaturized version just to move around easily in the area. There were no other people around the place except the farmer who was already his friend, that's perfect for he can move around freely without having to worry he might hit a person or something.

And so Lorenz talked to his friend the farmer and as his first visit around the place, he was given a free pass as long as he can pay the gas for the tractor, which he can. Lorenz roamed around the banana plantation and that's when he knew how big the area was. He came to stop in this one scenic place where a house was and rested there for a bit, he likes nature definitely and he just hopes he can have something like this when he grows older. After a while, Lorenz decided he'll return home but first he needs to park the tractor and pay for its gas, but there was a problem though, for he could no longer find the keys for it! Lorenz tried to find that key then for he didn't want to cause any trouble to his friend after he was given a free pass in the farm. Escape players, Lorenz really needs help here now, will you help find him the keys for the tractor so he can move it and he won't get in trouble?

Banana Farm Escape is the newest point and click area escape game from Games 2 Live.

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