Bamboo Forest House Escape Game

Bamboo Forest House Escape

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The bamboo forest house is a beautiful place indeed, it's like a forest of bamboo there even though some are just wallpaper, the others in some of the rooms are very real and alive! The owner who built the place loves nature and it's aesthetic to him, he had been to many forests before but nothing really compares to the bamboo forests of Japan which he went to once and was absolutely captivated with the place, now his house is filled with decorations of it. That day, Cynthia wanted to see the place so she was allowed to for the owner of the house was actually her boss, in fact there was a whole tour for the employees around the house and all of them were amazed especially Cynthia.

The whole group moved from room to room, but Cynthia was interested with more things however, that's why she kept lagging behind and unfortunately that became an issue for when everybody was moving quickly through the rooms, she got lost and she could no longer find the group! Cynthia doesn't want to shout for help and embarrass herself, because she was already tensed on what's going-on, she'll just have to navigate out of there and quickly. Escape players, come and play as Cynthia here, try your best to escape the house as quietly and peacefully as possible.

Bamboo Forest House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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