Balls Escape

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Balls Escape is a Japanese escape game developed by Robamimi. Imagine rumours have been spreading around your school that your gym teacher is a criminal and he have murdered lots of people and keep their cut head in his bedroom. One day you made a wager with your friend if your maths test was going to be worse than his you were going to sneak into his house and search for clues of his hidden life. Unfortunately you failed the bet so the next day after the school you headed to his house. You knew he kept a basketball training at this time so you could get inside the house easily. When you arrived you stumble upon his raging dog. You were prepared a brought the dog’s favoruite toy, a small plush. You managed to engage the animal with it and got inside. You had been searching for clues for a couple of minutes when suddenly you heared that the teacher arrived home. You couldn’t use the way where you got in because he would had noticed you. Find hidden objects and fit them together to make your way out somehow. Have fun!



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Walkthrough video for Balls Escape

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