Bait Fish Escape

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Pat is starting to get a little angry now, for he had been casting his line on the river for hours but still no catch. It seems like he had wasted a ton of time here, he should have just gone hunting, he might have caught a boar or two a while ago. As Pat was on his last straw, he felt a tug. Finally! Something after a long time! But as he raised his rod though, he was made to think about this catch of his other than being excited.

Pat saw the blue fish as the legend talks about dangling on his line, he knows that it is for there is really no fish such as this in this river. Pat knows that the place he lives can sometimes be a little weird, but he was told by the locals who have existed in this forest for thousands of years to respect their beliefs for some of them are very true. Well, Pat have witnessed it before, and even though he caught a fish here for dinner, he is not going to risk it. Escape players, Pat needs his knife now so he can cut his line and release this creature, he doesn’t want to touch the animal so will you help him find it?

Bait Fish Escape is a new wilderness animal escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Bait Fish Escape

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