Badger Mountain Escape

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The mountain is being guarded by a peculiar animal and no human can definitely come against it and win! Unless armed with something, for the guardian is a giant badger bigger than a truck! This guardian is docile though, only if one harms the place then it totally will make a point so that nobody would do wrong to the place again. The land is quite vast, it’s so vast that only very few people had ever seen this badger, especially to the one who litters and exploits the place, it makes itself known. As a hiker there for the day, Mario doesn’t want to see this badger for it will be very scary, that’s why he follows rules and keeps his hands to himself. Well even then he’ll be seeing the badger guardian in some other way.

Mario got lost in the mountain and he knows he is in big trouble, for the sun is starting to set! That is where Mario knew that the badger guardian doesn’t only show itself to the unruly, but also to the lost. Mario saw this huge cave as he tries his best to navigate, and from there the said badger came out! Mario was scared definitely, but it didn’t hurt him, it seems to be even helping him get home. Okay, seems like he doesn’t have a choice here but to follow. Escape players, you will now play as Mario here and even though the giant badger is helping you, you still need to use your skills. Will you be able to get out of there so you’ll live to tell this tale?

Badger Mountain Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Badger Mountain Escape


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6 months ago

In this game I was pleased with the matches puzzle. Guessed not from the first second.