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Badger Escape

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Randy absolutely loves animals, but he can't get a lot though for the place where he lives is a neighborhood and most people there don't like smells from animals, but still Randy's animal-lover side doesn't want to be hidden and aside from cats, dogs, and fish are in his home, he also has a badger! Randy's badger is a bit nippy and doesn't like a lot of things, but it can be gentle at times and is quite the smart animal. Well one day however when something happened to it, its smarts was no match for such.

The badger just got trapped in one of the rooms in the house and Randy was dumbfounded about that for he could not open the door as well! Guess his smarts was no match for it as well, maybe there is something holding the door from the inside like a fallen rack or something? Randy needs to get his pet badger out before it gets hurt or, the room gets damaged due to its thrashing to escape. Escape players, want to help Randy here as well before his badger destroys a wall in the room there?

Badger Escape is brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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