Bad Dream Escape Game

Bad Dream Escape

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Fitch woke-up and found himself in the great green outdoors which wasn't suppose to be for he slept in his cabin last-night! Fitch wasn't in his thoughts completely though, he felt like a floating feather and he can't seem to make sense of things well. Was he in some sort of dream? Most likely, for this is very weird for him and he is already seeing double. Fitch needs to get himself together though even if it's hard for there are stories of the same nature as his and that gave the impression that the place might be cursed. People would always try to get out of the dream-like state and most would be successful, but some would be unlucky though.

Fitch needs to get out of the state right-now, will you help him out escape players or better yet, play as him and try your best to escape the dream or the forest's strange abilities will swallow you forever. Find clues and other things which can get you out of the dream, hopefully Fitch can wake-up in his cabin again so that all of these will be over.

Bad Dream Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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