Backyard Deck Escape Game

Backyard Deck Escape

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Join in the house rescue here everyone. Backyard Deck Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Genie Fun Games for a daring adventure here once again. Good luck!

Isabel and her friend had another of their backyard sessions again, and her friend's parents just let them be there playing and stuff as they go get something in the town. It's not really a good idea to leave two little girls alone in the place, but they have done this more than a couple of times and no problem would occur. But that day however it's going to be different, and it all started when Isabel's friend went inside the house to go get more of her toys.

Isabel was tinkering with her friend's random stuff in the backyard when suddenly, he heard a scream for help just by at the backyard door! Her friend got trapped inside her own house for she couldn't open the door and it was somehow jammed! Isabel couldn't just abandon her friend especially that her parents are currently away, she is the only help her friend is going to get right at that moment. Escape players, care to join Isabel as she tries her best to get her friend out of the house safely? Go ahead then and stay alert for you don't know what really happened there.

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