Baby Macaque Escape

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Marco have finally finished his repairs inside his house and it’s now time to go on a hunt before the sun sets. As he got out of his place, his eyes immediately rested on his big cage outside his home, that’s when he saw that the contraption captured an animal! Marco quickly went to it and as he checked the animal was a monkey. Okay, this is not the kind he wants as game, he’ll just have to release it but the problem was he couldn’t find the key to the contraption!

Marco tried to find it for 5 minutes which turned to 10 then 30 and up to an hour! That’s when he knew that the key was missing, for it should be where he had put it for easy access. Maybe he misplaced it somewhere? It can’t be now or he’ll have to destroy his cage here. Escape players, imagine you are Marco here and the creature must be freed without damaging the cage. Will you be able to find that key somewhere so that can be done? Be very careful then, for if you ever reach the part that you’ll be able to get it out, be ready to run for the  monkey might chase you or something and you don’t wanna get bitten by them.

Baby Macaque Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Baby Macaque Escape

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