Baby Land Escape

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Some people wonders why the place was called the baby land, it was just a forested area with a few houses standing there and most aren’t even occupied. That day, Francis will be setting out just to fulfill a very simple mission, but actually it’s not easily done. Francis will be finding some clues that can tell him why the place called the baby land as directed him to do by his boss from the government. Any clues he can find whether how small it is might give him a strong answer, and so he is off for it.

As Francis was in the place though he saw there were indeed more things in the place than he originally thought, there were strange items there which were clearly abandoned and as he went he just keeps seeing more along the way. Great, maybe this will actually point him to something significant after all, like an Easter egg which everyone keeps missing. And so he followed the path until, that led him to an area which eventually he deemed as nowhere, for now he is lost! Okay then, Francis needs to start-over here so he can point back to where he came from, he didn’t find anything significant and he is starting to think that he shouldn’t stay for long at least for now, for he has a strong feeling that danger is coming for him soon and one obvious trigger for that is the sun starting to set. Escape players, will you help Francis here as he now plans to escape this said wilderness?

Baby Land Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

Walkthrough video for Baby Land Escape


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