Baby Girl Escape Game

Baby Girl Escape

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Brenda is seriously experiencing a real problem now and because of that they really need to find a new house to rent in. Brenda is constantly being menaced by this suddenly closing doors and whenever she tries to open them, it really wouldn't open but it would just a few minutes to an hour later. She swears this house is haunted, and now she swears at it for this strange occurrence just locked her young daughter in a room and she can't get to her!

Brenda is seriously thinking about the safety of her daughter here for she is strongly giving thought that the door here might have been locked for a purpose. Brenda needs to find all of her tools that can pry a door open and she will destroy it if she needs to, but the problem was this specific door was sturdy and she might not have a chance against it. Escape players, Brenda here is in a problem and her main concern is her child. Will you help her open the now locked door here and as quickly as possible?

Baby Girl Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.


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