Baby Dog House Escape Game

Baby Dog House Escape

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You have your own tiny house in the forest. Ever since you heard the idea, you couldn't stop thinking about it. And after years of saving up, you finally have your own tiny space. You really like the idea of having everything so close to you and not wasting any additional space for them. You have it in the forest because it makes you feel like a good witch in your favorite movie. But instead of making potions, you focus on making artworks. You then bring your artworks to the city and have them sold at a gallery. You're not making much yet but you really love what you have. You're not lonely here as well. Various animals sometimes pops up in your place on hang out by your window. But one of them really captures your heart. It's a baby dog who happens to find your house.

You didn't think twice and kept the dog. Now you have a very quirky and sweet company. But you can't seem to find the dog after a hunter passes by. You look around and find the dog inside the cage. You can't let the dog suffer this. Play Baby Dog House Escape outdoor escape game by Sivi Games.

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