Axolotl Rescue

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There is an axolotl in the trap here Emmanuel have set under the water, this is a great find! That confirms that axolotls are still very much present in this ecosystem. That excited Emmanuel definitely, but he needs to free this animal now so he recorded it and took valuable data. But as he was about to free it though, something seems to be missing in his pack and it is important.

Emmanuel lost his key which is the only thing that can open the cage where the axolotl is! Where could it be? He might have dropped it somewhere. Escape players, Emmanuel needs help here in finding his key, want to help him then so that this aquatic creature can be free again?

Axolotl Rescue is a brand new point-and-click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Axolotl Rescue

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