Avm Tiny Forest House Escape Game

Avm Tiny Forest House Escape

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When you got tired from the craziness of the city, you thought for a place to call your own outside of it. It was such a hard decision to make as you'd have to leave the comfort you'd known for a long time. But this comfort was what slowly harmed you. And you just had to find a place of peace and silence. You didn't want to just be far from the city. But what you wanted was to reconnect with nature. You wanted to wake up with the birds chirping and the wind swaying the branches of the trees. So you finally decided for a tiny forest house. You didn't need a big house. You were alone. And all you needed could fit in here. Additional wide spaces were just nuisances for you. You felt cozy with the size of your home and it never bothered you.

Then again, you realized despite having what you always wanted, you still needed others. You missed having to talk to people and not just animals. So you decided it was time to visit friends from the city. But how could you do it when you couldn't even leave your house? Play Avm Tiny Forest House Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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