Avid Villa Escape Game

Avid Villa Escape

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There is this lone house located at the edge of the town and it's not really a welcoming place, it is mostly made of wood and the inside of it are all painted in a dark color. Nobody lives in there no more at least they know of, that's why that day Marty have been sent there to check the place out and if ever he finds it abandoned, the local government will then do something about it. The house was clearly empty for Marty's eyes, but he still needs to check just to be sure, but that attempt of his however will be a mistake for when he entered the house, he immediately encountered a problem!

Marty got trapped! For the moment he closed the door behind him, the thing clicked and now he can't open it. This is now a serious situation and more so for Marty was already on-edge and a bit scared when he saw the interior of the place, he doesn't want to spend one more minute in there anymore but still, he needs to keep moving or he won't be able to escape and relay his report. The house doesn't have any inhabitants, but he still needs to be very careful for the place is shady and for all he knows there could be some shady people there hiding right-now waiting for him. Escape players, want to help Marty here escape from the house and safely?

Avid Villa Escape is a new indoor escape game developed by 8B Games and Games2Mad.

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