Aviator Purple Monster Escape

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This small town where only a few people lives is a peaceful place for it was standing in the middle of nowhere and there was very little daily activity there. As a resident there, Thompson was was the most knowledgeable person there for he had been living in the place for a long time now and he had seen a lot there already. But one day he found something there inside his big house which definitely caught his attention for it was nothing new!

Thompson found a strange creature inside a room there and it’s not some normal animal, for it was a humanoid purple creature in some sort of spacesuit! Okay, this could be some sort of creature of lore. Thompson knows about the untold secrets of this town for he had seen them before like those witches from the forest, those mutant creatures, and on other occasions potential aliens! Thompson of course witnessed these kinds of things before but he just keeps his mouth shut for various reasons. At the moment, Thompson was seeing this creature trapped in one of the rooms there, he was definitely hesitating at first but what will he do then? He needs to do something and the only one thing was get this being out of there. Escape players, want to help Thompson here with this unexpected task and see what this creature looks like? Careful on this attempt then for the creature might be hostile.

Aviator Purple Monster Escape is a brand new point and click indoor creature rescue escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Aviator Purple Monster Escape

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