Avengers Thanos Gauntlet Escape

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Agent Jerry checked one of the houses near Avengers HQ and it’s where they keep the most dangerous things ever retrieved from their enemies. One house there which looks just like a normal house is housing Thanos’ gauntlet, and of course it must not get out of there for it can fall into the wrong hands and cause chaos. That day, Jerry will be checking some stuff there for signs if the place is being infiltrated, and overall the security systems there must also be checked.

As agent Jerry was roaming around the place, a code red alarmed had been raised and every time that is activated whether it’s a drill or not, protocols must be done so that the dangerous items there that had been kept as well as the safety of the entire compound can be maintained. As Jerry was in the house where the gauntlet was, he needs to do his protocols here and for his job he must get the gauntlet and seal it to an even more secure room level beneath the house. Jerry needs to hurry here for if any of this is actually real, then it’s not only his job is at risk, it could even be the entire world! As always, that is very scary. It’s actually already very hard to get to the items here, that’s why Jerry will have a challenge for he needs to get passed through all of that. Escape players, imagine you are agent Jerry here and now you must respond to the raised alarm. Will you be able to get this task done and as quickly as possible? Get the gauntlet and secure it now!

Avengers Thanos Gauntlet Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Avengers Thanos Gauntlet Escape

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