Autumn Villa Escape Game

Autumn Villa Escape
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Wilmer's new house is beautifully made and he planned to make it even more beautiful by hiring an interior designer to add an artistic touch to it. That day, Wilmer was thinking about adding more rooms for he expected more stuff one day in his possession and he definitely needs a stock-room as well as a spare room for any purpose. But it's going to have to wait though, for when Wilmer was about to open his doors and begin his day by buying additional stuff at home, he realized that the doors were all locked and of course he couldn't get himself out then!

Wilmer had no idea what happened and if this is deliberate or not, deliberate for he has friends who can pull pranks on him but this is a new house and most of his friends who can really pull pranks doesn't even know where he lives, this could be a serious problem but of course Wilmer must solve this before it becomes worst. Escape players, want to help Wilmer here on this escape from his very own house? Go ahead then and be ready for the challenge whatever it may be.

Autumn Villa Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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