The rogue agent lives here in the Autumn Mansion Escape game.

Autumn Mansion Escape

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Good morning! If you have made it here in The Chamber then you passed all your tests. You are on your first mission: to get a top secret file back from a rogue agent. Agent X is threatening to reveal the contents of the file. Furthermore, it is imperative that this file must not be opened. You mustn’t open and read the document you find in the safe. You have to bring them to us. Understood? The code name of the mission is “Autumn”. We made sure to neutralize the guards in the building, but the reinforcement will be here soon. If you waste too much time, you’ll have to deal with them. Good luck!

Autumn Mansion Escape is point and click game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Explore the mansion and search for hidden gold (8 pieces of gold and 1 golden key, 9 items in total). Unlock the safe in order to complete mission.

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Walkthrough video for Autumn Mansion Escape

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