Autumn House Escape Game

Autumn House Escape
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The suburban area where Wesley lives is very near the forest, that's why they see different kinds of wildlife going in and out of their area and into the green lushness of the forest. But those green things are starting to disappear now though for it's near fall and the green will turn into yellow, orange, or red. It might be nice to stroll around the area for a bit just nearby and admire the changing colors of the place, and Wesley did just that without knowing he will be experiencing an eventual problem in the place.

Wesley walks around the neighborhood and into areas he had never been to before, he did those while thinking about stuff which was so deep he never realized he was too far from the area where his house was! Eventually Wesley got lost and he never thought the area where he lives can be this wide. He needs to return home now for he doesn't feel positive about this, escape players will you help Wesley out in navigating so he can return quickly? Admire the place as well as you go around it.

Autumn House Escape is the newest point and click escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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