Autumn Garden Game

Autumn Garden

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This is your favorite season and you have the all the right reasons why. The weather is always great in Autumn. It's not hot but it's not that cold either. It is just so perfect but the thing that you love the most are the leaves. Autumn leaves are colorful and kind of crispy. In fact, you love to step on it. This is the reason why you are here in the Autumn Garden. You are here to jump around pile of leaves but looks like you have to do other things beside that. It's getting late and it means that you have to go back home. The problem is, you can't find the way out of this garden.

There are so many leaves blocking your way. In addition to that, there are also puzzles along the way that you have to solve before you can escape. With that, you have to use your logic escape successfully. On the bright side, there are clues that can help you with those puzzles. Not only that, there are also items that you can pick up in the garden and use as an escape tool. Play this brand new outdoor escape game by First Escape Games and escape from Autumn Garden. Good luck!

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