Autumn Farm Escape Game

Autumn Farm Escape

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You went to this place a couple of months ago and it was still spring. You definitely enjoyed the flowers blooming and the life that were being born. The colorful view was such a joy to watch that you simply felt bright and cheerful. But most of the people there were recommending that you come back in autumn. They said the changing colors of the leaves were as magical. You didn't promise to them that you'll return. The travel time it took for you to reach the location was quite long. Plus the expenses you made would take months to pay up. Despite all these, you wished to return. So you worked extra jobs to earn additional money for your trip. It took a lot of little hours of sleep at night to reach your goal. But you hard work gave you extra income and you made it to autumn.

The place was truly magical with the changing color of the falling leaves. The cool temperature made you felt like you were in a drama. You got so lost in the beauty around you that you didn't notice you had gone off path. Now you have to find your way back. Play Autumn Farm Escape outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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