Autumn City Park Escape 4 Game

Autumn City Park Escape 4

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Autumn City Park Escape 4 is another new point and click forest park escape game made by First Escape Games for another fun escape adventure with us. This game is a continuation of the previous one, and is a part of the first game as a starting-point of the series. Good luck!

Finally, the path to the city is getting clearer and clearer, but Glenn who got lost in the forest park here is not out of the woods just yet. The sun is quite close to setting now but Glenn is less concerned for he knows he is getting close to the main-gate. The challenges are still in-front of him though, and it's kind of weird why the place was trying its best not to let him out of it, he doesn't want to find-out though and escaping out of there is currently his priority.

Escape players, here's a fourth escape from the city's forest park in the season of autumn. The fallen yellow leaves are not making the escape easy, but one must not stop or face spending the night there in the darkness. Join Glenn here once again as he really tries to escape the park before the sun completely sets. Have fun everyone!

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