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Autumn Bridge

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Try this wilderness escape here in the season of fall. Autumn Bridge is a brand new point and click forest escape game released by Fun Escape Games. Have Fun everyone!

There are a lot of bridges in the forest here that's because there are also a lot of river systems which stretches across the land. The place was good for a recreation and adventure, but really not a good one to get car-breakage however. Toby was just driving when he decided to go pass the border of the road for something just interested him to a point he'll do an experiment. It was suppose to be a quick one but because his car so happened to break-down in the middle of the forest where nobody can be asked for help from, he must solve this situation on his own before it gets dark out.

Well Toby doesn't want to give-up on the fact that he'll get help from anyone there, so he just ventured along the bridges of the forest and maybe he'll get somewhere which he can get help from. Escape players, having car damage in the middle of nowhere can be a real problem indeed, care to join Toby here still and see if you can give a hand as well? Good luck then and don't forget to enjoy this game.

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