Attic House Escape

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There is this small house which was made of wood, but it’s kind of livable but also isn’t. It is too small to live in but big enough for a child to go inside and stay there, well if she likes cramped spaces. That small house belonged to Raven and it was actually a doll house! What a present she got and it’s just what she asked for her birthday. Raven played with the oversized thing for a doll house for weeks and she was happy with it. But somehow one day, she got in trouble and the main reason for that was her very own doll house!

Raven was checking the house’s attic area for it’s there where she will keep the unused things for her toys as she decorates the place, but when she was about to get out of there for she was happy with what she did, she realized that she couldn’t for her doors were now locked! Raven have no idea what happened, but now she surely needs help. She had already called for her parents but it seems to be that she could not be heard. Well escape players, the only one who can help her is you so will you do it before she panics in there and hurt herself?

Attic House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.