Attic Apartment Escape Game

Attic Apartment Escape

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You don't feel like going out today. You just want to lounge about in your home and do nothing. The previous week was so tiring that you want to experience a day of relaxation. However, you don't have any excuses to stay inside the house. So you end up slowing down your pace. You're like dragging your feet on the floor just to move the slowest way possible. Then you pick up your keys and drop them. Then you pretend to find a hard time looking for them. But the you easily find the keys as they are a huge lump. So while trying to waste time, you tinker with the key holder. It's made by twines and they are once owned by your grand father. It must be at least ten years old now. But you can't believe how strong it is. That is, until it breaks.

You're pulling it too hard that it breaks and scatters the keys all over. You jump for joy at the sight of the keys. Finally you have an excuse to not leave. Just then, your phone rings. You answer and it's your travel agency. He needs to meet with you for some finalization. But you're going to be here inside until you find the right key. Play Attic Apartment Escape room escape game by 365 Escape.

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