Atlantis Dragon Cave Escape Game

Atlantis Dragon Cave Escape

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Books from a foreign country arrived at your doorstep from your foreign friend. She said she collected all these from her friend and thought you might like them. She heard of your plan to have a private library at home and she thought you could make use of these. You thanked her and started reading the books. Then you found one that had an interesting cover. It was interesting enough to make you stop reading the current book you were reading. You hold it up to admire the effects it showed when held against the light. So you opened the pages and saw that it was about dragons. You smirked a bit at the thought of being interested in something that had disappeared a long time ago. However, among the pages was a map. It caught your curiosity and you began taking a look at the places it showed.

You opened your atlas to compare the places and you found it. The places was an airplane away from where you were. However, further research showed that it could truly hold some important clues about the past. So, you bravely entered the cave and found yourself lost. Play Atlantis Dragon Cave Escape room escape game by Free Room Escape.

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