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Assignment 01

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John was given an assignment at the huge and abandoned building to gather info about it for the owners are really thinking about in saving the place, or just topple it down and renovate the entire complex, they are definitely thinking pretty hard here for one choice can be very costly and that's why John's observation there is important. As he got to the place, he saw that some of the walls are still sturdy but the others weren't so much, he got every data he needed and it didn't even took the entire day and he was done. But before he leaves however, the place seems to have a little something something for him but it ain't good.

John got to the door where he entered but when he tried it, it was already locked! John was confused then for it seems that this assignment is going to be a drag now after all that smoothness, and because he was alone and there's simply nobody that could have locked the place, that makes the situation a lot worst. Escape players, care to join John here as he finds his way out of the old place and of course safely?

Be very careful on this escape now, for the place is old and a bit dangerous. Assignment 01 is a brand new point and click old building escape game released by 5n Games.

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