Artful Fox Escape

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Freddie’s friend here in the village which was an artistic fox is quite the cunning creature, for even though his art is good and he really knows what he is doing, this creature is also up for business and that’s what the people there hates about him. Well for he can be very persuasive at times and really would push his products especially his art to the villagers there. Some people are okay with that and most don’t especially to the ones who already said no when he pushes, still he is lucky he still has a friend there who was Freddie.

That night, Freddie’s fox friend is up to something mischievous again, maybe he is planning for something regarding his business in art? For he is no thief and lucky for him, Freddie was already spying on him trying to see what he is doing, for when he got in trouble there Freddie is up immediately to rescue him. His friend fox got trapped in some sort of house on a wall of rock there and now he couldn’t get out! Well that’s a real lesson for him, Freddie was even thinking of leaving him there for a while so he’ll learn his lesson, but he can’t wait that long though for it’s now passed his bedtime. Escape players, you are now Freddie here and rescuing your friend the artistic, mischievous and cunning but also fascinating and of course trapped fox, must be done. Will you be able to get him out quickly and safely?

Artful Fox Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Artful Fox Escape

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